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ISEC7 Classify 

ISEC7 Classify is an easy-to-use platform ensuring that users correctly mark and disseminate sensitive documents while using any office application on any device following data sensitivity regulations

Ensuring Compliance with Data Marking and Classification Regulations 

In recent years, several executive orders have been issued pertaining to cybersecurity, including a directive requiring classified documents to include specific markings denoting classification levels and where information can be disseminated. With these new federal requirements in place, it is paramount that government agencies comply and meet these standards. This is where ISEC7 Classify comes into play. 


ISEC7 Classify is an essential tool for any agencies with data protection requirements, providing a user-friendly experience to ensure that all Emails, Calendar entries, and Microsoft Office documents are properly marked and compliant with laws and regulations. ISEC7 Classify is designed to prevent users from mistakenly or maliciously incorrectly classifying their communications.

Key Benefits

  • Ensures compliance with government data marking and classification regulations 

  • Support data tagging requirements in Zero Trust Architecture 

  • Verify proper sender and receiver permissions based on classification level and dissemination controls 

  • Requires no additional infrastructure to deploy 

  • Works on any device including iOS and Android mobile devices 

  • Same user experience on all Microsoft Office applications web as with native clients

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