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Welcome to Our Newsletter 

Greetings from ISEC7 and welcome to the latest edition of our monthly newsletter! This month we’ll delve into vulnerability management, follow up on the new CMMC requirements, provide an overview of security posture best practices, and share our upcoming events and most recent blog posts.


Vulnerability Management: Software Bill of Materials

A recent New York Times article shared the story of a volunteer programmer who discovered a maliciously introduced backdoor hidden in a piece of software in the Linux operating system. Linux is the most prominent open-source operating system in the world – used by governments, hospitals, and banks —and, had this backdoor succeeded, it could have led to a “potentially historic” cyberattack. 

It's alarming to hear about a potential cyberattack on such a major scale that was almost missed, and this in turn makes us worry about the security of our own environments. However, this incident underscores one of the best ways to prevent a cyberattack: keeping a Software Bill of Materials (SBOM). An SBOM is a document that serves as a comprehensive inventory of all the components that make up a software application, like the list of ingredients in a recipe. This level of granularity allows organizations to gain visibility into the software stack, track the origins of each component, and assess potential risks.

An SBOM plays a critical role in vulnerability management and risk mitigation, allowing organizations to promptly assess the impact of vulnerabilities, prioritize remediation efforts, and implement appropriate security measures to safeguard their systems and data. Read our recent blog post to learn more about SBOM, and please contact us with any questions about best practices to secure your infrastructure.

More on CMMC and CUI

Zero Trust Security

In our most recent newsletters, we discussed Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) 2.0, the next iteration of the Department of Defense’s CMMC cybersecurity model. The DoD estimates 12-18 months for most organizations to implement all CMMC requirements, so now is the time to get ready. ISEC7 Government Services has developed a dedicated CMMC information page where you can learn more about the new requirements and resources available to help you meet them.

It's important to know that the new CMMC 2.0 requirements, including Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) marking, are not strictly specific to the government; utility, medical, financial, and other bodies have Personally Identifiable Information (PII), Personal Health Information (PHI), and other data that must be protected with the proper CUI markings. While data marking can be complex and difficult to execute, ISEC7 can help organizations protect and properly mark CUI with our newest product ISEC7 CLASSIFY.  ISEC7 CLASSIFY takes the guesswork out of implementing a CUI program by defining the CUI categories and associated controls through our platform, ensuring that your markings follow the most current CUI registry. 


Feel free to contact us about the new CMMC requirements, CUI, or ISEC7 CLASSIFY, and we would be happy to answer any questions and provide a demo.

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ISEC7’s New Branding  

ISEC7 has officially launched new company and product logos as part of the ongoing evolution of our organization. After careful consideration, we have chosen a new logo that is aligned with our mission, orientation for growth and is, frankly, easier to read! We will be rolling it out in the next few months across our products, advertising, and printed materials. Feel free to reach out to us if you would like copies of the new logos to incorporate into any ISEC7 materials you may have.

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Francis Scott Key Bridge Collapse:

How You Can Help

As a local business in Baltimore, MD, ISEC7 feels deeply for those affected by the tragic collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge on March 26th, and we would like to share ways to support those who have been impacted: How to Give Back Following the Key Bridge Collapse.

Check out our latest blog posts:   


Quantum computing has been on the rise in recent years, going from a conceptual, futuristic technology to becoming a reality. While this new branch of computing could be a major milestone in the evolution of computers and allow for processing more information faster than before with many applications, it could also possibly endanger the security of our data and communications, as the current encryption algorithms used to secure our data could become unsecure.  


In today's digital landscape, software development often relies on a vast ecosystem of third-party components and libraries to both ease development and enhance functionality. CMMC 2.0/CUI Marking Campaign Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) 2.0 as published for comment will require three different.

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This blog post focuses on the new enterprise features in Apple iOS 17 and watchOS 10 and how they allow easier and more advanced management of end-user devices while improving the user experience and privacy.

Upcoming Events

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Monday May 6th, 2024 
The Hotel at the University of Maryland

7777 Baltimore Avenue
College Park, MD 20740

CMMC Day – The Supply Chain Cybersecurity Conference

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Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC) Conference 
Tuesday May 7th, 2024 
The Hotel at the University of Maryland

7777 Baltimore Avenue
College Park, MD 20740

Commercial Solutions for Classified Conference


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