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Automation & Orchestration

The sheer volume and velocity of cyber attacks make it nearly impossible for security to effectively respond to attacks on their own. A process must be in place to collect inputs monitored by the Security Operations Team (SOC), for example security threats, and respond to them proactively when needed. This is achieved with little to no human assistance, using defined processes and security policies, usually powered by artificial intelligence (AI) technologies like machine learning (ML). This will greatly improve the overall level of the organization’s security, while drastically reducing average incidence response times.

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Continuous Monitoring  

Comply with the Continuous Monitoring Annex of the Mobile Access Capability Package to collect, aggregate, correlate and analyze security event data from commercial solutions for classified (CSfC) components within your network.   


Incident Response 

Combine software toolsets with clearly defined processes to detect and respond to cyber attacks on your organization. Perform after action review and forensics to identify the source of a breach and what corporate information was compromised.

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Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning 

Enhance your organization’s ability to detect and respond to incidents through AI/ML algorithms that can quickly analyze massive amounts of data to identify patterns and anomalies indicating compromise. Drive efficiency through your organization when time is of the essence, and quickly inform decision makers with a complete picture of data.    


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