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Your data is ultimately what organizations need to protect with Zero Trust architectures. Compromised data can lead to severe damage to an organization in the form of penalties/fines, loss of proprietary and sensitive information, reputational damage, and damage to national security in the case of federal organizations. In order to properly protect data, you must understand what your data is and where it is stored. Once organizations have complete visibility into their data, protections must be applied to it for regulatory and IT security purposes. 

Access to data should be continuously evaluated based on need to know and security posture associated with the User and Device pillars of a complete Zero Trust deployment. Data loss prevention policies should be applied to all labeled and tagged data and in transit/at rest data secured through leading encryption capabilities.

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Email & Document Classification 

Accurately and correctly format controlled unclassified information (CUI) and information classifications across the Microsoft Office suite of applications and on mobile devices where applicable.  Prevent user error from handling classified information in ways that do not comply with dissemination controls, access restrictions and caveats. 


Data Loss Prevention 

Retain control of sensitive documents and data through restriction policies, watermarking and distribution controls.  Maintain ownership and control over data throughout the supply chain and remove access if necessary. 

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Data Access Control 

Grant access to data within your organization based on role and need to know, reducing the risk of insider threat.  


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