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End user computing capabilities are more powerful than ever, enabling your employees with powerful tools to succeed at their work wherever and whenever they want.  However, the nearly always on and always connected nature of these devices present a unique security challenge. Organizations must have an accurate understanding of their device ownership model, device fleet and devices on their network whether under management or not.


Similarly to user behavior, the operating system, applications and device peripheral connections are subject to constant change and must be continuously evaluated.  It is mandatory to have an up-to-date view of the device’s security posture, including its status and global health, to make real-time decisions like whether to grant access, as well as proactively suspend access to resources. It is crucial to ensure that the device always remains secure, and for that, it must be monitored constantly to detect any threat or suspicious behavior that might indicate an incoming cybersecurity risk or attack.

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Inventory & Lifecycle Management 

Gain complete visibility into where your hardware assets are deployed and users they are assigned to. Manage device refresh and recycle to efficiently replace outdated devices. Device break/fix and spare replacement to quickly provide new devices and eliminate losses in productivity that stem from hardware issues. 


Unified Endpoint Management 

Control the devices in your inventory to ensure they are compliant with your organization’s device security policies regardless of whether or not you are enabling bring your own device (BYOD) or distributing government-furnished equipment (GFE). Push and manage corporate applications while not impacting personal application.   

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OS Compliance & Patch Management 

Identify devices on your network that could introduce vulnerabilities with outdated operation systems and security. Scan for unallowed rogue devices not under management to identify potential threats and remove devices that introduce vulnerabilities into your network. 

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