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Users are often said to be the largest vulnerability in an organization. Properly implemented Zero Trust environments will enhance, not hinder the user experience and strengthen security posture by validating user identity and limit the damage that a rogue or compromised user can cause.


User identity should be continuously verified, validating that they are who they claim to be and their behavior monitored and evaluated for risk. Security is further enhanced by employing controls over data and privileges associated with user accounts.


As user security posture and associated risk can change over time, authentication and access adjust to protect and secure all interactions between said user and the corporate infrastructure. 

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User Identity 

Validate that users are who they claim to be, moving beyond traditional username and password to more secure and user friendly authentication capabilities such as multi-factor authentication, contextual/behavioral authentication, certificate based authentication and application single-sign-on. 

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Access Management

Reduce the risk of lateral movement within a network and insider threat by employing the principles of least privileged access and privileged access management.  Users are able to access only information that is relevant to their role and accounts with privileged access are limited to users with a need to access critical information, systems or applications. 

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Inventory Management 

Group users by common attributes across multiple environments to dynamically assign security policies and access control.  Enable monitoring and reporting capabilities to identify compliance and system performance issues at large with the ability to drill into root cause and issues impacting individual users or accounts. 


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