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ISEC7 MAIL is a secure mobile email client allowing classification, encryption and signing enforcement.

Easy, secure email and document sharing

ISEC7 MAIL enables access to Microsoft Exchange and Office 365 environments with secure Personal Information Management (PIM) data such as contacts, calendar, tasks, and notes. ISEC7 MAIL also allows for mailbox delegation capabilities and public folder integration. ISEC7 MAIL operates with modern and certificate-based authentication (CBA) and allows users to securely send, receive, and enforce encrypted and signed emails (S/MIME). As the top priorities of ISEC7 MAIL are security, classification, and authentication, it is an ideal tool for managing classified or sensitive information, organizational or group mailboxes, and supporting executive leadership and their staff.

Easily managed from a mobile device

Easily managed from a mobile device, ISEC7 MAIL enables mobile access to Microsoft Exchange accounts with the ability to delegate access for approved staff.  Delegation gives authorized users read and write access to email, calendar, public folders and more. No complex technical skills are required, simply add delegates from the Outlook client.

With access to a delegated account, the user can book or change calendar appointments with ISEC7 MAIL Smart Scheduler, monitor and respond to emails, and access content in the public folders–directly from any mobile device.


  • Easily access and delegate access to email, calendar, contacts, public folders, and more

  • Ability to use functional emails and multiple email domains

  • Utilize helpful classification tool and automation of deployment 

  • Multiple authentication methods (Modern, Certificate Based, Windows, Basic, etc.), and Hypergate

  • Improve productivity and response time with significant impact on customer satisfaction

  • Maintain security of sensitive information and comply with security policies 

  • Build greater team collaboration and transparency of knowledge share

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