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Greetings from ISEC7 and welcome to the inaugural release of our monthly newsletter! We’re excited to share new product launches, solution highlights, industry best practices, event news, and important updates with you.


Solution Highlights


Introducing ISEC7 Classify 

If you or your organization has ever handled confidential or sensitive data (customer information, PII, PHI, corporate secrets, state secrets) then you know how important data marking and classification is. But without a simple tool to ensure each document and email is properly marked, effective classification and data marking can be a challenge. This is where ISEC7 Classify comes into play.
ISEC7 Classify is a user friendly, easy to deploy tool that enables employees to easily and correctly mark and disseminate sensitive emails and documents in accordance with data sensitivity requirements and Zero Trust Data Marking/Tagging principles. The solution is designed to prevent users from incorrectly classifying their communications and provides templates for where classification markings need to be applied. The solution also verifies that proper permissions are granted to the sender and recipients before sending along with tracking for statistics and auditing. This is an exciting development for ISEC7 and our work in Government Services, and we would be happy to answer any questions you may have about ISEC7 Classify and implementing this solution for your agency. 

Zero Trust Security
Zero Trust Security

Zero Trust Security

The Solution Architects at ISEC7 understand the importance of Zero Trust architecture and constantly verifying that every user, device, or app connecting to a resource is authenticated, legitimate, and free of any suspicion. As the government pushes towards a Zero Trust architecture strategy, ISEC7 can help government and nongovernment agencies alike deploy a Zero Trust security strategy, incorporate Zero Trust elements into their network, meet the new standards, and reach their optimal cybersecurity goals. ISEC7 Zero Trust services include:  

  • Full Stack Systems Integration 

  • Network Architecture Design 

  • System Health Check 

  • Risk Assessment and Penetration Testing 

  • Security Operations and Incident Response 

  • Staff Augmentation 

  • Lab Based Training 

  • 24x7 On Call Support 

  • Secure Software Development 

New website promotion

New ISEC7 Government Services Website  

We’re pleased to announce the launch of our newly designed ISEC7 Government Services website. ISEC7 Government Services is the professional & managed services branch of ISEC7, supporting the United States Federal Government. Through our revamped site, government agencies can learn about the mission critical digital workplace solutions ISEC7 Government Services offers, including implementing Zero Trust architecture and continuous monitoring capabilities, performing digital workplace assessments and professional consulting services, and deploying solutions like ISEC7 Classify, our proprietary tool for data marking and classification, among others. 

ISEC7 Insights 

Android for enterprise

While predominately offering new consumer-focused features, the forthcoming Android 14 release also brings a series of security and management improvements for the enterprise that are discussed in this blog.

Air-Gapped Networks

Learn how you can provide mobile access to critical data, while ensuring separation from the Internet and potential cybersecurity risks.


This blog post focuses on the new enterprise features in Apple iOS 17 and watchOS 10 and how they allow easier and more advanced management of end-user devices while improving the user experience and privacy.

Upcoming Events

BlackBerry Summit

BlackBerry Summit 2023

October 17, 2023

Conrad New York Downtown, NYC

Tech Net 2023 in Hawaii

TechNet Indo-Pacific Conference

November 7-9, 2023

Hilton Hawaiian Village, Honolulu


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