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Join us at the Baltimore Convention Center June 25 – 27 for AFCEA's TechNet Cyber 2024 and be a part of the conversation led by U.S. Cyber Command, DISA, the DoD CIO, and numerous industry and academia partners to deliver solutions for this enduring, no-fail mission. You can book a meeting with us or stop by Booth #2317 at TechNet Cyber to learn more about our solutions and what’s coming next for ISEC7 Government Services! Below we have highlighted just a few of the solutions and capabilities we will be showcasing at this year’s TechNet Cyber.  


Data Classification 

This year’s theme highlights the importance of a united front between US government agencies and our allies to fend off persistent attacks from our adversaries. A united front requires united communications and in the government industry, properly classifying information is critical to ensure your data is safeguarded. When digital communications are properly classified, government agencies communicate more effectively because they understand the specific controls that must be applied to that data. Whether your organization needs to implement standard DOD Classification Markings or CUI markings to comply with CMMC 2.0, ISEC7 CLASSIFY enables users to easily apply what is required. 


ISEC7 CLASSIFY is a data marking and classification tool that prevents data from reaching the wrong recipients by enforcing classification of information based on the clearance level of both the sender and receiver. ISEC7 CLASSIFY takes the guesswork out of implementing a CUI program by defining the CUI categories and associated controls through our platform, ensuring that your markings follow the most current CUI registry. Also, every classified email and/or document is audited from a central location to monitor who is sending what type of classified information to whom. We are currently expanding ISEC7 CLASSIFY’s capability with the Microsoft Office Suite. 


CSfC Continuous Monitoring 

Organizations implementing classified mobility environments in line with the CSfC Mobile Access Capability Package must also implement a Continuous Monitoring solution. Continuous Monitoring is designed to better allow your organization to analyze and baseline network behavior to detect anomalous activity that would indicate a breach or misconfigured solutions susceptible to breach. ISEC7 SPHERE’s architecture enables continuous monitoring of all data sources across Gray and Red networks without needing to communicate beyond the network isolated environment.    

Digital Workplace Monitoring 

As more and more organizations enable Digital Workplace functionality for their employees, the amount of productivity and security tools in an infrastructure also grows more complicated. Managing all of these tools and reducing downtime in the event of an outage can be a major headache for administrators. ISEC7 SPHERE is a technology agnostic solution that makes simplifies the management, monitoring, and troubleshooting of all digital workplace infrastructures.

With support for over 200,000 endpoints, ISEC7 SPHERE streamlines the administration of even the most complex infrastructure, regardless of the diversity of UEM systems, servers, networks, and applications. The solution retrieves data from all the company’s systems and presents them on one dashboard. With only one system to manage, issues are identified and resolved faster, requiring less IT staff with a significant impact on the operational cost.   


Secure Mobile Email 

When delivering mobile capabilities to end users, user experience and security are critical to success. ISEC7 MAIL is designed with both in mind, offering users a complete mobile experience with access to email, calendar, contacts, notes, and public folders. The application enables collaboration between users supporting full Outlook delegation functionality. Security is at the forefront of development, supporting S/MIME and certificate-based authentication. ISEC7 MAIL is integrated with the leading UEM platforms including Hypori, Blackberry, Ivanti, Workspace ONE, and Intune. Additionally, with ISEC7 CLASSIFY built into ISEC7 MAIL, users can ensure they adhere to the same classification hygiene on their mobile devices as on their desktops.

Again, please feel free to book a meeting with us or stop by Booth #2317 at the Baltimore Convention Center on June 25 – 27. We would be happy to share more information about our solutions and how you can implement them in your environment as well as what’s coming next for ISEC7 – including ISEC7 CLASSIFY’s expanded capability within Microsoft Office Suite. Up next, we will be at TechNet Indo-Pacific 2024 on October 22 – 24 at the Hawai’i Convention Center in Honolulu. Click here for more information about us and our product datasheets.


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